She’s just 2lb away from her goal weight of 8½st but has Kim Kardashian gone too far?

She’s just 2lb away from her goal weight of 8½st but has Kim Kardashian gone too far? Since giving birth to her son Saint last December, Kim’s lost over 5st using a rationing diet, a punishing workout routine and a lot of visits to her favourite aesthetic surgeon Dr Simon Ourian.

‘Kim’s dream is to be a sample size,’ an insider reveals. ‘She’s desperate to get there as quickly as possible now.’













As Now reported in May, Kim’s started to undergo reduction surgery to get rid of her very famous behind. But as these pictures show, as the fat is removed from her bum it appears to have moved around onto her thighs, forming a lump. And Kim is in turmoil about it, with our insider adding: ‘Her bum is all she talks about. It’s so lumpy.’

Her bottom  isn’t all Kim, 35, is working on. Last week, Dr Ourian revealed she’d had a non-surgical tummy tuck. ‘The collagen layer of the skin is heated up  so that the skin contracts under  the laser’s effects,’  he explained. ‘Tightening of the skin is noticeable right after the procedure.’


Kim’s fans are concerned with her obsession.  It seems not a  day goes by when the mum of two isn’t posting Snapchat videos about her weight loss. ‘Kim looks sick, why she lose so much weight?’ one fan tweeted.  Kim’s  been following a strict Atkins-style  diet – cutting out carbs and reducing her calories to 1,200  a day – since February.

The reality star has also followed a strict workout regime, including daily four-mile runs, 1,000 rope jumps and sit-ups, planks, push-ups and hill sprints.  Last week, Kim showed her devotion to getting  a ‘sample size 0  body’ by saying she  hasn’t missed a day  of working out since  she started, telling  her fans: ‘No days off!’

But will she ever slow down? Kim admitted:  ‘I’m not stopping. I’ve never felt better. I worked my ass  off, I’ve altered my life and  I’m proud of that.’