Kim opened up about the unusual places she's got jiggy during a revealing Q&A session streamed live on her app

What did we do before the Kardashian and Jenner sisters launched their personal apps? Without them, we might never know what Khloe‘s favourite lines of poetry are, which kute phone cases Kylie is currently koveting, and just this week we’ve been blessed with knowledge of the craziest place Kim Kardashian has ever had sex.

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Kimmy was discussing all things love during a live-streamed Q&A on her app on Monday night when the conversation turned to making whoopee.

After one cheeky fan submitted a question asking Kim if she was a member of the mile-high club, Kim responded: ‘Am I? Yeah.’

Lucky Kanye!

[GIF] Kim Kardashian Kanye West Bound 2

But before you start keeping your eyes peeled for a disheveled Kim emerging from the loo on your next flight, you should know that she only ever does it on a private jet. Duh.

Clarifying her position, she said: ‘But, like, the private. I don’t think, like, a public plane… It would have to be an international flight. It was an international, night flight when no one’s, like, around.’

No we know what you’re thinking: a private plane isn’t that crazy a place to get jiggy. After all, it’s not that different to being in your own home (not that we’ve ever been on a private jet, but you catch our drift).

But worry not, for there’s more! Kim went on to reveal that actual craziest place she’s ever done it, saying: ‘Like a public movie theatre, yeah.’

A movie theatre? Go Kim! That pesky popcorn gets everywhere, doesn’t it?

And Kimmy wasn’t the only Kardashian sister to get a bit X-rated this week.

Hours earlier, Khloe opened up about her losing her virginity at 15 in a frank blog post, revealing she didn’t experience an orgasm for ‘the first few years’.

She confessed: ‘You definitely don’t have an orgasm your first time. I didn’t for the first few years. I didn’t even know what the feeling was until I had one; I just liked the intimacy part. When it happened, I was like, ‘Ohhhhh, that’s what that is!!!”

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