There's still bad blood between Kim and the housemates...

Kim Woodburn racked up a few enemies in the Celebrity Big Brother house and there’s STILL bad blood now that they’re on the outside.

In fact the 74-year-old irked the contestants so much that Stacy Francis has BANNED her from their reunion.


Is this PROOF Kim Woodburn’s explosive CBB outbursts were FAKE?

The former US X Factor star is getting the gang together to watch her perform at London’s Hippodrome Casino next month but has made it clear that she doesn’t want to see Kim’s face in the audience.

‘I’ve invited everyone to come and they’ve said they’d like to be there,’ says Stacy, 47. ‘But I definitely would not want Kim there. She can stay home.

‘She said she and her husband would come. But I don’t want her there. The others wouldn’t be comfortable having her there.’

Awks. Whilst Stacy has made up with several contestants she clashed with on the show, it seems that her mind was made up about Kim when she saw THAT This Morning interview earlier this week.

The How Clean Is Your House? star shocked viewers when she hit out about the other CBB stars, as well as angrily accusing presenter Phillip Schofield of being a ‘phoney’.

‘Kim brought the drama out of the house and I don’t respect that,’ Stacy tells the Daily Star. ‘There was no need for her to continue this crazy talk. And not a word she said was true. No-one bullied her.

‘I saw Jasmine [Waltz], Jessica [Cunningham] and Austin [Armacost] at the final and even though we had problems in the house we kissed and made up. We just dropped it. You’ve got to forgive people.’

(Source: Huffington Post)

It looks like Stacy won’t be having a change of heart any time soon either.

The singer responded to a Tweet about Kim possibly getting a ticket: ‘umm that would be a hell no’

Something tells us that Kim – who called housemates ‘cowardly and disgusting’ and likened them to a ‘mob’ in her exit interview – won’t be too upset about missing out…