Mr Woodburn has a LOT of experience dealing with Kim...

If you’ve seen anything of Celebrity Big Brother in recent days, you’ll be well aware that Kim Woodburn hasn’t exactly been a wallflower.

In fact, there’s been barely a day passed that hasn’t seen her go head to head with Nicola McLean, Stacy Francis or even Speidi, as she’s made her strong opinions clear to all. However, this is resulted in viewers and housemates alike tarring her with the title of ‘bully’.

(Source: Huffington Post)

However, Kim’s husband has now spoken out against the unfavourable words against his wife – and according to him, she’s no bully in the slightest.

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Peter Woodburn, who has been married to Kim since 1979, has shared his perspective on her explosive turn on the show – and he’s one person who’s not surprised with the effects of her sharp tongue.

‘She doesn’t suffer fools and always tells it as she sees it,’ he began.

‘There’s no half-measures with Kim. It’s either full-on love, sympathy and laughter or if it’s an argument, it’s going to be a full-on, blow your brains out one.’

Elsewhere in his conversation with new! magazine, Peter added that Kim doesn’t like Nicola – though this is something plenty of viewers had a pretty good idea of already!

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‘Kim can see right through her so got in the first blow.

‘If you don’t want to be destroyed by Kim, stay away or be nice. That’s all it takes.’

We hope the rest of the housemates take his advice on board…