Another day, another spat

Remember a couple of days ago, when we thought that Nicola McLean and Kim Woodburn had buried the hatchet and decided to play nice with each other until the end of the series?

Well, it looks as if that was nothing but a blip – as the Celebrity Big Brother housemates have gone head to head once again in one of their worst spats so far.

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Kim and Nicola need minimal kindling to start a fiery argument – so in a small task room, during a pop quiz, it was nearly inevitable that voices would eventually raise.

In recent scenes from the house, celebrities compete in ‘Who Is It?’ quiz, where they guess which housemate is being described by the public.

After a few rounds, Kim, 74, ends up shutting Nicola down with a dismissive ‘shut up’ – and then sparks begin to fly.

Nicola’s not happy (Photo by REX/Shutterstock)

‘Don’t f*cking start on me… f*cking d**khead,’ warns Nicola, 35, very sternly. But it seems as if the How Clean Is Your House? star didn’t feel too threatened, as she went on to shoot back: ‘Shut up, big gob! You are a vile little creature who is jealous of everybody else!’

As the remaining housemates, including Coleen Nolan, despair at the tension growing, Nicola shouts to her sparring partner: ‘You are a no-good, vile, f*cking scum of the earth. Shut your f*cking mouth when talking to me!’

(Sounds like a pretty difficult task, Nicola…) However, Kim was ready to fire back and took a swipe at Nicola’s former career as a glamour model:

‘And you’re a Page Three girl who’s made a reputation showing your knockers, dear!’

Cue awkward silence and a disapproving look from James Cosmo

James Cosmo has had enough of the fighting (Photo by REX/Shutterstock)

Oh dear – will these two find some peace by the time the show ends? (We’re not holding our breath.)

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