Kimberley admires group for staying together

Kimberley Walsh doesn’t think Girls Aloud would have lasted if any of them had had babies.

The Strictly Come Dancing star admires The Saturdays for staying together with three pregnancies over the past couple of years and admits she would have found it more difficult to deal with.

I think it would have definitely made it harder for us if we’d had kids while we were in the group because for me, personally, I couldn’t promise that the child wouldn’t become my priority,’ says Kimberley, 31.

The Saturdays are doing very well to make it work. I think when you’re younger you can get away with juggling being in a band and motherhood more.’

Girls Aloud announced their split in March but Kimberley thinks it would have happened sooner if any of the girls had become mothers.

It would’ve been hard,’ says Kimberley.

I would never have felt comfortable pushing somebody who had just had a child to come back to work.

That would’ve felt really wrong. I think it’s quite admirable that The Saturdays are keeping it all going, to be honest, and I hope they continue to.’

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