Kimberley Walsh is a big fan of the future king

Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh has revealed she and Prince Charles are on first name terms – and she’d even like to get a little closer.

Kimberley recently co-hosted The Prince’s Trust Celebrate Success Awards, where she met up with the Prince of Wales and bandmate Cheryl Cole.

‘When you meet him he’s so relaxed and warm that it makes you forget those formalities,’ says Kimberley, 29.

‘I was probably way too overfriendly because we were chatting away like we were on first-name terms!’

Kimberley has actually met time Prince Charles three times so she’s very comfortable in his presence.

‘I’d like to have kissed him to greet him, but it might have overstepped the mark!’ she says.

‘I remember Geri Halliwell pinched his bum when the Spice Girls met him but I wouldn’t do that.

‘There’s a certain level of respect and etiquette, and I couldn’t do that in case I offended him!’

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