Singer Kimberly Wyatt chats to Now about raising a toddler, nappy disasters and her essential parenting products!

Former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt, 34, has a 14-month-old daughter, Willow, with husband, Max Rogers, who she married in February 2014. We caught up with the singer to talk about life as a mum and the toddler tantrums she’s now having to deal with! Even the rich and famous have to go through these things y’no?!

Hi Kimberly! As a mum, what are the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

‘I think disciplining. Things like guiding her through tantrums and her emotions, that she’s learning herself, is probably the toughest thing.’


Uh-oh! How do you deal with tantrums?

‘Gosh, as best as I can! She’s a tantrum toddler at the moment! They’re normally about not getting what she wants [laughs]. She’s a very determined little girl, she sees kids riding scooters, and she wants it! But, she’s only 14 months.’

Who does she inherit her determination from?

‘Oh, it’s definitely me.’

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How do you get Willow to sleep?

‘At 6pm we dim the lights a little and start reading books and playing puzzles, rather than running around. Around 6.30, I dim the lights a little more and we read ‘Snuggle Bunny’, a puppet book. And then it’s time for a bottle and cuddles with mum and dad.’

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Is Snuggle Bunny her favourite book?

‘At the moment it is. Max and I love Roald Dahl, so Max usually reads some Roald Dahl, and then ‘Snuggle Bunny’ is the staple bedtime book.’

How hands-on is Max?

‘Willow and Max love to play together. We’ve got a pull up bar, so she sees him hanging on it and says, ‘up, up, up’, and he lifts her up and she tries to hang there like a little monkey [laughs].’


Aww! Ever had any nappy disasters?

‘Just anytime it seeps through the clothes and you’re not at home, that’s just a tough one. I’ve never felt so thankful for places that have a space for changing a baby. I’m just like, ‘mad respect. Thank you.’ [laughs].’

What’s your essential parenting product?

‘I love using Biona Coconut Oil as a moisturiser for myself and for her little bum. She drools a lot because she’s teething, so I use it around her face because it gets quite dry.’

What’s the funniest thing Willow does?

‘Willow will stick out her lips like a little kissy face, or a selfie face, depending on who you ask! (laughs).’

Does she like taking selfies?

‘She likes to go on my phone but we don’t take many selfies.’

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