Kirk Norcross has slept with 1,000 women

Kirk Norcross confesses all about the special ladies in his life in his new autobiography Essex Boy.

And he admits he’s bedded 1,000 women in total – but always practises safe sex. 

‘I had sex for the first time at 15. It was like the floodgates opene,’ Kirk, 25, reveals.

‘It was one girl a week, then one a day, then sometimes two a day, and I couldn’t keep counting.’

But despite the early start, Kirk says he used condoms even then.

‘Yeah I used condoms even as a teenager. It’s only when you get older that you go in a shop and have to whisper: “Two packs of condoms,” that you feel embarrassed.

‘I’ve always gone to a clinic for a check every two months and luckily I’ve been fine.

‘Even though I use protection, it seems the safe and mature thing to do.

‘It’s harder now though – where do you go when you’re on TV without people seeing you?’

We’re just glad you’re doing the responsible thing, Kirk.

Essex Boy My Story by Kirk Norcross is out on 25 April (£12.99, Sidgwick & Jackson).

Read the full interview with Kirk Norcross in Now magazine dated 22 April 2013 – out now!  


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