Kirk Norcross has got fans talking BIG time.

Look, we all love a gym selfie. Because, if you don’t take a pic at the gym, did you ACTUALLY go? No, not you did not.

We joke. But seriously, celebs love taking gym pics too and quite frankly, we love looking at them. Especially when it’s a topless man with a hot bod.

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Yup, we present to you…ex TOWIE star Kirk Norcross! The former reality star took to Instagram on Thursday and shared a photo of himself at the gym, surrounded by heavy weights and just, heavy things. But errr, whilst we love looking at his muscly, tattooed body, there is also something else that’s caught our eye.

The err…bulge.

I've got a long long way to go but with help from @grillafitness #burnbullets I can see some good improvements!

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You’re looking now aren’t you? Well, fans also noticed Kirk’s, erm, package.

Users left comments such as: ‘#shhhlong’, and: ‘Were you lifting the weights with your 🍆🍆🍆 😂😂’, and: ‘Is that your phone in your pocket ! 🤔😂’.

Others commented on the photo with: ‘Dude. Those tracksuit bottoms. My my my’, and: ‘very revealing joggers 😏🙈’.

Oh and another wrote: ‘😍😍😍 where have you been hiding!!! Why haven’t I been following sooner 😂😂’.

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We’re pretty much lolling at our desks right now. Of course other fans were focused on other aspects of Kirk’s body…such as his skin.

‘Just need a tan now👌 oioi Casper 🤣🤣’, wrote one follower. Ha.

Well moving on from Kirk’s eye-catching photo…

The TV star has been really focusing on his workouts and getting in those gains! In fact, earlier in the week he shared a photo of his post workout meal, which doesn’t exactly look appetising but hey ho, it hits the spot with protein and carbs. Rice and ham. So simple.

Straight after my #workout 1 pack of uncle bens 2min rice and ham!

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Well, as long as Kirk keeps posting gym pics, we’re all down for the healthy workout lifestyle!