Slimmed actress tells of fatty feasts

Kirstie Alley has revealed she used to gorge herself on thousands of calories a day and ended up tipping the scales at 15st.

But after losing a third of her weight, the ex-Cheers star appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s chat show wearing just a bikini – keeping a promise she made to the host last year.

Before her decision to slim down, Kirsty’s daily diet included a steak, half a loaf of French bread, six cups of pasta, 20 sugar-free Popsicles, potato chips, two burritos and a dozen grape sodas.

Kirstie, 55, admits: ‘I had a holiday mentality. I ate with wild abandon. Six, seven, eight thousand calories a day. And then I thought I’m old, I’m fat. What am I worth?’

The actress told Oprah’s viewers that a combination of diet and exercise helped her slim. She lost 5st after becoming a spokeswoman for the Jenny Craig diet programme.

‘I feel happy with the way I look and feel,’ she says now. ‘For me, that’s the greatest thing that’s happened.’