The telly presenter has a few tips for how Duchess can beat morning sickness

TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp says Kate Middleton should eat mashed potato and drink coconut water to avoid getting dehydrated.

Like the pregnant Duchess, 30, Kirstie suffered from hyperemesis gravidaram, or acute morning sickness while pregnant, and says she worried she was ‘making a fuss’ despite the debilitating nature of the condition.

‘The doctors will tell you its important not to get dehydrated,’ she tells the Daily Mail.

‘I could sip coconut water from a little carton and eat a few spoonfuls of mashed potato or boiled rice.’

Kirstie says ice cubes or peppermint tea were soothing, while some women suck fruit lollies or eat bananas.

The 39-year-old was ill while pregnant in 2007.

The Duchess is expected to be sent home from hospital in the next few days and ordered to rest.

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