Konnie Huq on why Margaret Thatcher will be remembered

Konnie Huq believes it’s the end of an era.

‘Love her or loathe her, the passing of 87-year-old Margaret Thatcher, the first female British Prime Minister, has opened the flood gates to a tidal wave of comments, opinions, tributes – and even celebrators and hecklers,’ she says.

‘This was definitely a lady who divided opinion.

‘However, I’m sure that, like me, some Now magazine readers have only a vague memory of Maggie herself actually in power. 

‘I was in primary and middle school for the majority of her leadership and sometimes found it hard to separate the Spitting Image/political cartoonists’ battleaxe’ version of Maggie Thatcher from the reality.

Margaret was the only ever British female Prime Minister, making gender seem irrelevant – like Barack Obama being the first black President.

”Months after election it was suddenly hard to imagine what on earth the hold-up had been.

‘No matter what her politics, this was definitely a positive and ground-breaking step in a male-dominated world.’

‘Her politics were controversial.

‘The 80s saw mass unemployment, a decline in manufacturing, the miners’ strike, poll tax riots – and a boom in finance.’

Thatcher‘s characteristic trademark voice was almost man-like.

‘More interesting still was that this was not the way she originally spoke, but adopted as part of her makeover, opting for a deeper tone over her former more squeaky, shrill one.’

Read the rest of Konnie Huq‘s thoughts on Margaret Thatcher in Now magazine dated 22 April – out now!


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