She’s turning to unlikely friend Kourtney Kardashian for help

Cheryl Cole has never been 
the most gregarious celebrity, but in the last year – since finding out she was pregnant through to giving birth to baby Bear Payne, now five weeks old – sightings of the former X Factor judge have been scarce to say the least. 
So, why is she hiding away?

Sources say that since having the baby, Cheryl, like most new mums, is keen to shift her baby weight and would like to do it before the waiting paparazzi 
get a glimpse. Understandable, perhaps, given the scrutiny over her weight in the past. So, what weight-loss plan is Cheryl on?

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Her friendship with the Kardashians is well noted. In 2013, she struck up an unlikely relationship with Kim after they posed together for a selfie at a Kanye West concert. Kim’s younger sister, Khloé, turned out to be a fan of the Geordie, too, publicly cementing their friendship by telling her 
Twitter followers: ‘I found 
a soul sister in @CherylCole tonight #Yeezus.’

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Cheryl duly reciprocated 
the affection and on Khloé’s birthday, that June, wrote 
a note to her new pal, saying: ‘Sometimes in life you come across people you just connect with, that was exactly how 
I felt when I met Khloé… I felt like I knew her already. She has such a big heart and such a special soul…’

Her friendship with Khloé has given her access to Kourtney, Khloé’s eldest sister, who’s a mum of three and 
has an amazing body to boot. Kourtney’s incredible figure, following the birth of her children, speaks for itself.

Our source tells Now: ‘Cheryl was getting advice and support from Kourtney throughout her pregnancy, and now she’s getting help from her to get her dream body back after the baby. Like most people after having a baby, it’s 
a real struggle to get focused and motivated when you’re so tired – 
but the pressure for celebrities to do so is more than for most.

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‘She’s been exhausted and putting all her focus on being the best mum. But Kourtney is so famed for her healthy eating and fitness plans, Cheryl knows that she’s the perfect mentor.’

We are told that the pair have been in constant contact and, despite being thousands of miles away from one another, have been sending messages to each other and have even FaceTimed – with Kourtney spurring Cheryl on to get fit and healthy.

Our source adds: ‘One of the big things Kourtney is into at the minute is going dairy and gluten-free. She’s told Cheryl it’s the best method of refreshing herself and getting her pre-pregnancy body back.

‘But it’s really hard work, because Cheryl has been eating whatever she wants through the whole pregnancy and this is a big change. Kourtney keeps telling her she will feel like a different woman when she does the plan, and Cheryl is really going for it – but it’s tough, especially so soon after giving birth.’

Now understands that the diet is an ultra-strict organic regime. And all her portions have to be carefully measured out. Kourtney and her kids all stick 
to a gluten and dairy-free diet and she feels it’s really helped her to maintain that toned but curvy physique, and it’s really boosted her energy levels.

‘Cheryl is finding the dairy-free part of the diet easy enough, but she’s struggling with the gluten-free part as it’s harder to find alternatives for that,’ says our source. ‘She’s also having to give up bread, which was her luxury in the mornings when she had a sleepless night with the baby. She’s found the first couple of weeks on the 
plan tough, but having the Kardashians in her corner 
is a massive advantage.’