Kourtney Kardashian has hit back at a critic with a hilarious response.

kourtney kardashian hilarious response critic plastic bottle

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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to social media to defend herself after she was slammed following a recent episode of the E! reality show.

Taking to Twitter to air her thoughts, a Keeping Up With The Kardashians view shared a snapshot of Kourtney during episode 10 of the 17th season that is currently airing.

The shot shows the oldest Kardashian sister quenching her thirst during what looks like a warm day, drinking water from a single use plastic bottle.

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And one viewer was not impressed.

Uploading the snap to her Twitter account, the Kardashians fan somewhat passively aggressively threw shade at the mum-of-three for choosing to use single use plastic rather than seeking out a more sustainable material.

Slamming the reality star for choosing the bottle even after she had told younger sister Kim Kardashian not to drink bottled water, the viewer wrote, ‘Love love love that @kourtneykardash gave @KimKardashian shit for drinking bottled water and in the VERY SAME episode, she is seen drinking bottled water. So chaotic, I love it 😂’.

But not one to take things lying down, Kourtney took to her own Twitter page to defend herself, explaining the reason why she was using the single-use plastic bottle – and apparently it’s all the fault of sister Kim.

Sharing the tweet with her nearly 25 million Twitter followers, Kourtney explained that she had no choice but to use the plastic bottle as she was visiting sister Kim and the plastic bottles were all she had to offer, writing, ‘I was in Kim’s office and that’s all that was there 😹’.

However, she then took some of the blame upon herself, adding that she could have put more of an effort into choosing a more sustainable option, adding, ‘and no I’m not perfect, but I could have brought a reusable bottle for the day, this is true. #KUWTK’.