Kris Jenner is said to have opened up about Bruce Jenner ‘becoming a woman.' Shock! She knew nothing about it

They had one of the longest marriages in showbiz – but after 22 years of wedded, er, bliss, Kris Jenner reportedly had no idea that her former husband Bruce Jenner wanted to ‘become a woman’.

Sources close to the Kardashian matriarch Kris told TMZ that the former Olympian spoke to Kris 25 years ago about his feelings.

However, they added that the 65-year-old talked about his ‘tendency’ to dress like a woman and not a wish to become one.

Busy mum and momager of six Kris was in the dark about Bruce’s desire to become a woman during their entire marriage … according to sources directly and closely connected to her.

TMZ sources say Kris insists the subject never came up again during their entire marriage. She also says she never saw Bruce dressed as a woman during their entire relationship.

But in contrast sources close to former Olympic Gold medalist Bruce tell a different story … that she knew full well he was very conflicted about his gender.

Kris is said to have told their sources the subject of sexual transition did not come up until after they were divorced. In fact sources say Bruce told the girls about it before Kris.

In what’s set to be one of the most explosive revelations of the year, Bruce, 65, has done a tell all interview with Diane Sawyer as he makes his rumoured transition into a woman.

The star has stunned the world with his transformation and has already begun wearing sports bras and stepped out for the first time in a black and white striped maxi dress with a revealing slit showing off his leg in Malibu.

Bruce’s incredible decision to change his life in this way has been what is believed to be the focus of his dramatic interview with US TV host Diane on Friday.

In the teaser Bruce said: ‘My whole life has been getting me ready for this.’

And ours Bruce, we can hardly wait…

WATCH Bruce Jenner’s explosive ‘sex change’ interview with Diane Sawyer as he discusses his ‘journey’

The changing face of Bruce Jenner

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