Kim delivered her daughter 5 weeks early

Kim Kardashian‘s labour was certainly a dramatic one.

The mum-to-be was busy trying to arrange Kanye West‘s Father’s Day present – two Apple mice signed by the company’s founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak – when she found out the baby needed to be delivered 5 weeks early.

And when she alerted mum Kris a race to get to the hospital ensued.

It was actually Father’s Day weekend and I was doing live television, Good Day LA,’ says Kris, 57.

I hate opening up my Blackberry after that because you never know what you are going to get. I get an email from Kim, “Urgent!”

That is never good. She says, “I have to have the baby today. Emergency. Get here fast.”‘

Kris – who told the drama-filled story on her new talk show – quickly got a limousine driver to rush her to Kim’s house, where ‘about 300 paparazzi’ were waiting outside.

I get inside the gates, get inside, get Kim, get her ready to go. We are packing her bags and getting them all into the trunk. This is crazy,’ the reality TV star says.

After switching to a getaway car at a hotel en route, the family finally arrived at the hospital and smuggled Kim in under some blankets.

[We ended up in a] secret garage, down the secret alley, where the wheelchair is waiting,’ says Kris.

Up the private elevator, down through the kitchen, up down, up down. We ended up in a room – and then we had a baby!’

Kim has kept a low profile since baby North West’s dramatic arrival but Kris says she’ll show her off when she’s ready.

Kim just has to do that on her own time. Let her have privacy for a little bit,’ North’s grandma says.

When she comes out, she comes out.’

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