Actress is comfortable with her bisexuality

Terminator 3 star Kristanna Loken insists she’s still bisexual – despite settling down to married life.

The actress wed actor Noah Danby, 34, in May, but says that doesn’t mean her feelings towards the female sex have changed.

‘I’m married to a man now,’ she says. ‘I think I was ready to be in a committed relationship and it could have been with a man or a woman.

‘It just so happened to be a man, but it doesn’t make me not attracted to women.’

Kristanna, 28, snogged Pink, 28, at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo in 2006.

And she still has fond memories of their evening together.

‘Pink was a lot of fun,’ she tells thelondonpaper. ‘I sat next to her at dinner, one thing led to the next and there you go.

‘It’s everything else that happened that people don’t know about…she was a great girl and we had a lot of fun.’