Shock new pics suggest married director 'lured' Kristen into cheating on Rob Pattinson

We’ve unearthed amazing new photos that could shed new light on Kristen Stewart’s affair – and help mend Robert Pattinson’s broken heart.

The pics, never before published in the UK, suggest it was married father of two Rupert Sanders, 41, who was the one driving their clandestine romance, not Kristen.

It comes as K-Stew, 22, is said to be desperately pleading with R-Pattz, 26, for a second chance.

She’s been receiving a series of death threats and hate Tweets from online trolls since the scandal broke two weeks ago.

However, our shots from that fateful afternoon on 17 July show Kristen looking uncomfortable and distant during the hook-up.

In one snap, she’s even seen pushing the Snow White & The Huntsman director away, while in others she appears distinctly nonplussed.

Britain’s top body language expert Robert Phipps looked at the full set of photos for Now.

He says: ‘Rupert’s the one pressing the relationship. It looks like he’s pushing the affair.

‘She’s pulling away from him, whereas his body’s straight.

‘Whatever’s going on in this interaction, she’s decided: “I don’t like this – I’m pulling away.”

‘You could say she’s smothered.’

Read the full story about Kristen Stewart’s affair and see the shocking pictures in Now magazine dated 13 July 2012 – out now!



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