This has proved very controversial

Kristina Rihanoff and Ben Cohen only confirmed the arrival of their baby girl yesterday but they’ve already been hit with controversy as parents.

The pair have been spotted taking their newborn daughter out for a stroll in Northampton, with rugby star Ben seen pushing the tot in a buggy whilst Kristina walked beside him.


Kristina Rihanoff and Ben Cohen welcome ‘beautiful’ baby

Yet the cosy outing has sparked outrage online as many observers have slammed Kristina, 38, and Ben, 37, for choosing to put the baby in a forward-facing stroller rather than a parent-facing pram.

‘Why is a newborn in that stroller? forward facing? I’m sure it’s advised to wait till 6 months before putting them in that seat?’ one commented, whilst another added: ‘That baby needs to be parent facing.’

A similar remark read: ‘Newborn baby in forward facing pram – bizarre! I loved making eye to eye contact with my babies when they were tiny.’

Others have suggested that the little one would benefit from lying flat too given how young she is and it’s certainly got some people angry.

‘That’s is a newborn baby & should be in a carry cot, lying flat & facing the parents!!!! What are they doing?!’ a shocked fan posted.

In fact the backlash has been so strong that some critics have even labelled the couple ‘idiots’ for using the ‘unsuitable’ buggy.

It’s thought that the outing happened on Monday so it’s unclear when Kristina and Ben’s baby actually arrived.

The couple have kept quiet about her birth – and this subsequent controversy – on social media but confirmed last night that their daughter had made her entrance into the world.

[GIF] Kristina Rihanoff Strictly Come Dancing

‘Ben and Kristina are delighted to confirm they are the parents of a beautiful baby girl,’ a statement to Hello! reads.

‘They would like to thank friends and family for all their kind wishes at this happy time.’

There’s been no word of a name for the little one either as of yet.

Anna Francis