From Geordie Shore's favourite surgeon

You’d think being a heartthrob on Geordie Shore would mean a severe lack of problems with your body, but Kyle Christie decided to combat his insecurities with a nose job.

Typically called rhinoplasty, the reality star received the operation from co-star Charlotte Crosby‘s own plastic surgeon, Mr Sultan Hassan from Elite Surgical. Whereas Charlotte paid approximately £7495 for her open surgery, Kyle underwent a closed rhinoplasty to lift his droopy nasal tip, which adds up to approximately, ahem, “only” £6495.

Elite Surgical

Credit: Elite Surgical

Yet it wasn’t vanity that led to this decision, but actually to help Kyle come to terms with his appearance.


The Geordie hunk said: ‘People always think I’m a very confident person, but I was very self-conscious about my nose.

‘And that’s why I decided to have a rhinoplasty and I’m very happy with the outcome. All my issues with it have totally gone away and I’m completely and utterly in love with it.’

Awww, we do love a happy ending.

Kyle also had a hair transplant procedure, like mega-famous football star Wayne Rooney, and is now fighting fit for his appearance on Geordie Shore’s 5th anniversary special, the Geordie Shore Big Birthday Battle.

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Holly Hagan might be feeling a bit gutted now that her ex-boyfriend has gone all new and improved. The pair got back together while she filmed the latest series of Geordie Shore, though Kyle insists he’s single now.

So good news ladies of Newcastle, he’s got even more confidence to go hit the town. If that was even possible.

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