Some folks aren't too convinced by Kylie's kurves


Just when you think the Kardashian/Jenners can’t surprise you any more, is when they see fit to pull another trick out of their back pockets and get everyone talking once again.

This time, it’s Kylie Jenner who’s done all the shocking, as she’s given the public a very intimate shot of her body – and fans are hot under the collar over her incredibly tiny waist…

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Kylie took to her social media of choice – Snapchat, of course – on Thursday evening to share a moment of herself getting her makeup done, while sitting around in a bra top and thong. As you do.

Kylie takes to Snapchat

To top off the look, the 19-year-old used the infamous dog filter, and posed in a number of positions that really showed off her curvy body. (Kim, you’ve done a great job of passing down the family legacy!)

As is the case with many things the make-up mogul does, these extremely curvy pictures had her fans talking – and while some simply ogled at her hourglass shape, others were concerned with how ‘real’ it is.

‘I don’t even understand what surgery Kylie Jenner has had to make her body like this?? it’s madness,’ wrote one naysayer on Twitter, while another questioned what message her body was giving to young men:

‘Kylie jenner has such an unrealistic body and i wish boys knew that that isn’t natural lmao’.

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One professed that the appearance of Kylie’s belly button was proof of her having had enhancement:

‘If you think Kylie Jenner’s body is real…Just look at her fake belly button’.

Though Kylie has always maintained that her curves are a result of genes, puberty and fortunate weight gain, and denied surgery, this speculation is a common one when it comes to women of her family.

Maybe they’re just lucky… either way, it may serve as some motivation to get on the crunches before summer hits…