Kylie Jenner's Instagram snap of a new bar in her ear got over a MILLION likes in just six hours

Imagine being part of the Kardashian klan, eh? You couldn’t even pop out for a pint of milk without the world’s press documenting it. The latest big news on planet Kardashian is Kylie Jenner‘s new piercing, which amassed a whopping 1.1 MILLION likes on Instagram in just six hours. Puts our old MySpace selfies to shame!

Kylie showed off the new bar through the top of her ear Рknown by piercing aficionados as a scaffold Рin a new snap that also showed off a lot of cleavage. It looks like Kylie is becoming a big fan of body modification Рjust two weeks ago, she showed off a new heart tattoo on her arm as she celebrated her 18th birthday. Perhaps Tyga, her heavily-tattooed reported boyfriend, is having an influence?

Her new piercing is reminding us of our emo days circa 2003, and it’s not the first time Kylie’s dabbled with alternative fashion. In a picture posted last week, she posed in some very Beetlejuice-esque black and white striped trousers, and on a night out last night (August 31) she wore a figure-hugging, Gothic-style Balmain bandage dress. And, of course, there’s the trendy blue hair that keeps making an appearance.

We’re quite enjoying Kylie’s flirtation with alternative fashion, even if some commenters on her Instagram aren’t. Under the picture of her rocking the Balmain dress are more than a few comments likening her look to Blac Chyna – Tyga’s ex-girlfriend. Awks!