The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star gave birth to Stormi a month and a half ago


Kylie Jenner has been keeping her hair natural since giving birth to daughter Stormi back in February.

But the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has now stunned fans with a whole new look.

The 20-year-old has ditched her short dark ‘mum bob’ and gone fully blonde, glossy and long.

Sharing a picture of her new do on Instagram, wrapped in a sheet, she wrote: ‘I think i was meant to be blonde.

i think i was meant to be blonde 😏

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Kylie’s fans were wowed by her new look, with one saying: ‘How can someone look so good?

Another added: ‘Pretty in blonde.’

A third shared: ‘Very hot’.

Kylie’s hair reveal comes just one day after she confessed she’s pining for her pre baby body.

summer goals 😏 #tb

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She shared a black and white picture of herself in a bikini from before she was pregnant, and wrote: ‘Summer goals #tb‘.

Is Kylie about to do a Kim Kardashian and bounce back to her pre baby body very quickly?

Kylie was recently forced to make a quick change on Instagram after fans called her out for a pretty awkward caption.

The reality star revealed on Monday that she was off to collect her new Ferrari – worth around £1.2million – which she reportedly received as a ‘push present’ following the birth of  Stormi.

Like mum, like daughter! Kylie Jenner pouts for very first selfies with baby Stormi

However, Kylie caused a stir when she uploaded a photo of the vehicle and wrote:‘Picking up my main girl.’

This sparked a backlash from many fans who argued that this caption would surely be more suited to Stormi.

‘What about your baby?’ one asked – awks.

It appears that Kylie, 20, took notice of the remarks as she altered the words within half an hour, this time writing: ‘Picking up my new bitch.’

picking up my new bitch

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This still managed to cause some controversy though, with one follower commenting: ‘You kiss your baby with that mouth?’

Others had questions about how baby friendly Kylie’s swish new motor is.

 ‘How’s she gonna fit a car seat and pram in here?!’ one posted, whilst another said: ‘But where’s the baby gonna sit tho. ‘

Good question, but somehow we can’t imagine that Kylie or boyfriend Travis Scott will be using this particular car to ferry their daughter around in…