Whatever you do, do NOT give Kylie a room-temperature smoothie


If you think of Kylie Jenner, the first things that probably come to mind are: lips; Instagram and drama – right? But apart from that, what do we really know about the social media sensation?

Kylie clearly had a similar thought, and took to Snapchat on Thursday to try to give her fans a close look at the life and times of ‘Kylizzle’.

After multiple shots of her new lip kit and a delicious-looking stir-fry, Kylie turned the camera to her PA and asked her to tell viewers ‘something people don’t know about me’.

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After some initial hesitation – we mean, what are you really meant to reveal about your boss?! –  her assistant launches into a full-blown speech about Kylie’s breakfast requirements – and how she likes things to be just so:

‘Kylie asks me for the same f**king smoothie every morning, and I always ask her “what flavour?” and she’s like “you should know!”

Kylie Jenner phone gif

Then, she launches into a hilarious mini rant about her boss’s forgetfulness – ‘She’ll say “apple smoothie tomorrow” and when tomorrow comes and I give it to her, she’ll be like: “Why the f*ck did you give me apple?! I’ll tell her she asked for it, and she’ll just say “Show me the text!”‘

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And then, another of Kylie’s staff jumps in to confirm that she really doesn’t mess around when it comes to her drinks.

‘She’s very particular about her beverages. If Kylie takes a sip of the smoothie and the temperature’s not right…If anyone’s touched the straw…’

‘You guys make me seem so f*cking bougie, I can’t!’ laughs Kylie in the back – bougie means snobby and uppity, by the way…

Well Kylie, you did ask for the truth!

Kylizzle – sorry – KYLIE’s big sister Kim Kardashian has changed SO much through the years! Watch our video to see how: