After months of speculation, Kylie Jenner finally comes clean about those boob job rumours


It’s the question everyone has been asking for what feels like forever – has Kylie Jenner had surgery or nah?


Kylie Jenner’s cleavage tutorial

After fessing up to using temporary lip fillers to get her plump pout earlier this year, 18-year-old Kyles has been the subject of much speculation over whether she’s gone under the knife or not thanks to her curvaceous figure.

Now the reality star has FINALLY spoken out about the rumours and blasted the idea that she’s had a boob job. She’s also revealed that she did once have an experience of a medical procedure that didn’t have the most pleasant side effects…

‘I’m not against plastic surgery,’ says Kylie.

‘Full disclosure: I’ve only been under once before, when I went to the dentist and I didn’t react well; it really scared me.

‘I threw up and I was so nauseous the next day.’

Yuck! Apart from that incident Kylie insists that she hasn’t had any work done other than those famous lip fillers.

‘Like I’ve said before, it has always been a huge insecurity of mine and I wanted to make a change,’ she explains on her website.

And as for those breast enhancement rumours, Kylie say: ‘No, people – I haven’t gotten breast implants! Everyone is obsessed with that.

‘Truth is, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained 15 pounds and my body has changed. I’ve definitely filled out…

‘I swear there are things you can do to work on problem areas without having to think about plastic surgery.’

This is something Kyles made abundantly clear last week when she posted a video tutorial all about how to get her shapely bosom using just a Victoria’s Secret bra, btw.

So Ms Jenner’s hourglass bod is all her own but she’s happy to admit that she would’t rule out surgery if she ever felt the need for it.

‘If, down the line, I get to a point where I’m really uncomfortable with something on my body, I’m not against changing it,’ she admits.

We think you’re fine as you are, Kyles!

Anna Francis