It’s pretty well known that Kylie Jenner has one of the most adorable babies in the reality world, and yesterday she sent fans into meltdown when she shared an insanely adorable video of baby Stormi with her fans.

Kylie Jenner

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In the sweet footage, the tiny tot can be seen toddling around a basketball court wearing a hugely oversized hoodie.

Taking a run up to the hoop, the one-year-old makes an attempt at shooting a hoop, missing it by a fair few feet.

Taking to Instagram to show the footage to her 149 million followers, Kylie penned, ‘reach for the stars baby 😩😩😍😂.’


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reach for the stars baby 😩😩😍😂

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In the comment section, Kylie’s super model older sister Kendall swooned, ‘kylie, this just made my heart smile.’

Justin Bieber’s new wife Hailey added, ‘I wanna put her in my pocket.’

Meawhile loads of fans could barely handle the cuteness.

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Omg this melts my heart 😍♥️😭,’ gushed one fan, while a second commenter chipped in, ‘I can’t deal with her little jump 😭😭😭😭.’

And people say the Kardashians have no talent ????’ joked a third.

This comes after Kylie was slated for dressing Stormi up as herself for Halloween.

The self-made billionaire decked her daughter out in a replica of the look she wore to the 2019 Met Gala.

In a photo, Stormi can be seen rocking a purple wig and featured lilac gown.

But some commenters reckon the costume choice was a little odd.

Why are you putting her in to that just give her normal nice clothes,’ remarked one.

What have you done to that poor child,’ added another.

A third angrily chipped in, ‘You can tell how uncomfortable she is and wants to cry.. she is a child and that’s what she should be. You are stealing her youth! Also is the sound off bc she’s not happy and you’re telling her to smile?