Eagle-eyed fans noticed something very different about Kylie Jenner on Halloween…

When Kylie Jenner stepped out as Christina Aguilera for Halloween, she sent fans into meltdown with her super-sexy tribute to Dirrty, even winning praise from Xtina herself – but we couldn’t help but think she left something at home…

We’re talking about her infamous curves! Over the last few years Kylie’s transformation into big sister Kim Kardashian has been well documented. The hair extensions, enhanced lips, seemingly bigger breasts and bootylicious figure often make the 19-year-old look more like Kim than Kim.

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‘Kylie isn’t even trying to hide the fact that she’s turning into a clone of Kim,’ one fan tweeted recently. Another added: ‘Okay, what is Kylie doing? She’s starting to look like Kim!’

But, as these pictures reveal, Kylie seems to have streamlined her figure, adopting a body shape more comparable to that of her supermodel sibling Kendall, 21.

Interestingly Kylie, who boasts more than 77 million Instagram followers, disabled comments under the pic soon after posting it.

Diiiiiirty @xtina

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But on Twitter, users were quick to point out her different look. One wrote: ‘Oops where did @KylieJenner’s curves go?’ while another said: ‘@KylieJenner seems to have lost her curves…’

Last month Now reported how Kim was also in pursuit of a smaller derrière, with aesthetician and founder of Room 15 Naomi Nissen suggesting the 36-year-old had reversed the effects of a previous fat transfer – something Kim has always denied. But is Kylie now in pursuit of Kendall’s figure?

Earlier this month Kylie addressed her ever-topical body, insisting: ‘I like the chunkiness’ – but it looks like she’s already had a change of heart…