Facelifts, boob jobs and even more work on her behind


While her sister’s dropping  the pounds, Kylie Jenner’s putting them on all of her boyfriend Tyga’s favourite places. Now can reveal the youngest Kardashian is planning more surgery to get the body of the rapper’s dreams.

‘Kylie’s obsessed with looking like Tyga’s ultimate Barbie doll,’ says our insider. ‘When she catches him looking at other girls it makes her insecure. The sad fact is Kylie’s still a teenager. ’

So what’s Kylie, 19, planning next? ‘She’s already had two boob jobs and wants two more to take her to a DD,’ they add. ‘ She’s had a mini-facelift and Lipodissolve on her waist, upper arms and thighs. The size of her bum is down to fillers that she’s continuing to use.


‘Kylie tells herself she’s doing it slowly and subtly, as her mum Kris and sister Kim advised her , but she’s not. Overnight her lips and breasts have exploded in size and now her butt’s getting bigger. She’s had so much liposuction off her waist people are wondering if she had a rib removed.’ But Kylie won’t be stopping anytime soon – she loves the attention Tyga, 26, is lavishing on her. ‘She’s hooked on surgery – it’s becoming a security blanket,’ adds the source.

Our surgeon Dr Tahl N Humes, medical director of Vitahl Medical Aesthetic, agrees. ‘It does look like Kylie’s had breast augmentation from her photos,’ she tells us.

‘While many women have augmentations young, it’s extreme to have multiple surgeries of the face and body. Although Kylie has stopped growing, so to speak, her body will continue to develop and change due to hormonal changes. It’s extreme to feel that  you need a lot of surgeries  at a young age.’