Singer Kylie Minogue talks about her relationship with boyfriend Joshua Sasse and their 20-year age gap

You know what they say – age ain’t nothing but a number! And in the case of Kylie Minogue and her 27-year-old boyfriend Joshua Sasse, this couldn’t be more true.

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The 47-year-old petite popstar might be two decades older than her other half, but while on TV show The Project, she couldn’t stop gushing about her new man – and we don’t blame her! (Have you SEEN him?!)

‘He is an absolutely brilliant, brilliant guy. And even if I try and act cool and natural, it’s written all over my face that I am very happy.’

Kyles has posted an adorable snap of her and the British film producer and actor, and we’ve gotta say, they make a pretty gorgeous couple. We mean, when Kylie Minogue’s involved – how can it NOT be?!

‘We kind of look right together. So even though on paper it might not look right, it just is right.’

But you know what people are like. They’ve always got to have their say and just as expected, some people think that the 20-year age gap is all a bit too much between the pair.

Even Kylie’s notice that ‘there is some mention of that’, but that most people are pretty much just leaving them to get on with it.

And so they should. As you were Kylie and Joshua – and if you happen to have the most beautiful babies in the world, then we wouldn’t oppose to being godparents… Just sayin.