The sexy singer loves a treat

Kylie Minogue doesn’t just let herself go at Christmas – she does it all year round. Yah!

The petite singer thinks it’s important to have regularl treats and admits that she tucks into chocolate on a daily basis. The perfect diet. Go, girl!

‘I take care of myself but I don’t deny myself pleasures,’ says Kylie, 46.

‘I have dark chocolate every day… Indulgence and pleasure [are] an important part of life.’

Despite her fondness for sweets, Kylie Minogue always looks in fantastic shape.

The Aussie starlet insists that she doesn’t work out that much though and instead puts her toned figure down to being on the go all the time.

‘No, I really don’t [exercise regularly!]’ she claims.

‘Working keeps me in shape. If I’m touring, I’m fit – you have to be if you’re going to sing for two hours a day.

‘That’s the only time I do any cardiovascular fitness.’

Kylie actually doesn’t think her body is that hot. What she looks like isn’t her priority though – instead she focuses on health.

‘I’m not in great shape,’ the pretty star says.

‘It probably appears better than it is, but mostly I’m happy that I’m healthy and I get to do my job and things I enjoy along the way.’

It’s not surprising that Kylie Minogue focuses on her wellbeing after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at the age of 36.

She bravely fought the illness and eventually received the all-clear. The singer seems to be feeling better than ever these days.

‘I feel pretty good,’ says Kylie.

‘I was on medication for many years, so I really didn’t feel like I was in my body and now I feel like I’m back.’

Kylie wishes she had been just as relaxed about things when she was younger.

‘[I’d tell myself to] stress less!’ she admits.

‘Try and enjoy the ride and remember everything, because I’ve forgotten a lot already!’

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Anna Francis