The singer, Kylie Minogue, talks about the things she's missing in life...

Petite popstar Kylie Minogue has opened up on the subject of love and children and revealed that she would like both.

The successful singer, 46, has admitted that although it looks like she has everything in life, she doesn’t feel completely fulfilled because she doesn’t have a relationship or children.

‘You look at a woman who seems to have everything and then you see this terrible thing has happened to her,’ said Kylie, who was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago.

‘I’ve got a really successful career but I haven’t got everything. I haven’t got the relationship. I haven’t got children. It just didn’t happen for me,’ the star added in a chat with Event magazine.

Kylie, who has had many long-term relationships with stars including actor Olivier Matinez, rocker Michael Hutchence and model Andres Velencoso, also revealed she likes being in love.

‘I’m putting it out there. I would like to find someone. I’m a romantic. I’m not conventional. I don’t think even as a kid I dreamed of a wedding day or a wedding dress but I do like being in love.

‘I don’t see myself as unlucky in love as I’ve had a lot of really great relationships – and I don’t have any regrets,’ she added.

Kylie’s last romantic link was with Chiltern Firehouse owner Andre Balazs earlier this year.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the star posted a picture of a blue sky with clouds on Instagram, commemorating the ten-year anniversary since her breast cancer diagnosis.

‘Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. Though I’m still some time away from the ten-years-cancer-free milestone (which I look forward to very much), it is a day of reflection and thankfulness. Love, love and thanks,’ she captioned the shot.

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