Singer says they split on good terms

Kylie Minogue has revealed that she’ll always care about ex-boyfriend Olivier Martinez but says she’ll never get back with him.

‘As far as Ollie and I go, we have a mutual respect for each other and a love that will always be there,’ she says,

‘We separated and that was that. Getting back with him is not even something I’ve thought about. Being a fatalist, I always felt that a relationship runs for the duration that it’s meant to run. We did have a lovely time though, we definitely did.’

But despite feeling good about the split, the 39-year-old is adamant she’s not looking for a new man and is perfectly happy being single.

‘I don’t want to think about finding someone else,’ she tells You magazine.

‘People like to associate me with unlucky-in-love because they judge a relationship that ends as being unhappy rather than a success.

‘You can be unhappy in a relationship for 20 years, but not get the kind of headlines people associate with me. I feel quite fulfilled. I’ve had good relationships.’

Alison Adey