Singer says she hasn't rekindled her romance with the French actor

Kylie Minogue insists she hasn’t rekindled her romance with former boyfriend Olivier Martinez.

The singer was snapped in a restaurant in Paris with the French actor last week.

But she’s shrugged off speculation their romance is back on.

‘I defy any woman not to find Olivier attractive,’ she says.

‘It was good to catch up and we’re still friends, but there was nothing more in it.’

Kylie, 40, also reveals that her ideal man would be a chef.

‘I’m good at running round the kitchen posing and looking pretty,’ she tells The Sun. ‘But I’m afraid I’m a useless cook.

‘It’s one thing a man has to be able to do. If he can cook, then he’s off to a good start with me.’

Kylie and Olivier, 42, split last year.

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Alison Adey