The Voice star has limits

Kylie Minogue admits she had concerns about the raunchy material on her latest album.

The singer’s new record Kiss Me Once features three tracks with the word ‘sex’ in the title but Kylie considered toning it down a bit when she realised.

I almost tried to get rid of one title with sex in it but there was a point in recording when there were no songs like that,’ says Kylie, 45.

There was Into The Blue and more romantic songs but nothing hot.

But Sia [Furler] – who is the executive producer on the album with me – said I couldn’t change it and “We’ve got to go with what’s right”.

So there they are. We are not obsessed with sex or anything.’

Kylie was particularly uneasy about the single Sexercize, which was accompanied by a very racy video when it was released in March.

Sexercize is a little more risqué and has pushed me,’ the Voice star tells The Sun.

But it’s still within my world. I was just pushed out to the limits a couple of times.’

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Anna Francis