Sexercise singer happier with her feet

Kylie Minogue admits there are certain parts of her body that she’s not happy with.

The petite singer, 46, is renowned for looking great but worries that her face is a bit lopsided.

‘[There’s] so much [I like least about myself]!’ says Kylie.

‘I have a totally asymmetrical face. I have one crazy eyebrow that’s always doing its own thing!

‘But I do like my feet. I think they’ve held up well for many years in high heels. For a dancer’s feet they’re okay.’

Despite having some hang-ups, Kylie’s very grateful that her body’s stayed healthy since getting the all clear from breast cancer in 2011 after being diagnosed with the disease in 2005.

‘It takes time to come back into yourself and I feel good now,’ the Aussie star admits.

‘I feel like I’m back. I recognise my face, I recognise my body.’

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Anna Francis