Coronation Street star Kym Marsh defends her daughter Emily’s audition for Britain’s Got Talent


Kym Marsh became a household name after winning a TV talent show 13 years ago.

So it’s hardly surprising her daughter Emily wants to follow in her footsteps by auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent.

Kym was seen accompanying Emily to the show’s Manchester auditions recently.

However, online trolls soon accused her of using the 16-year-old to enhance her celeb status.

One person wrote: ‘You have to feel sorry for the fame hungry.’

Another wrote: ‘Maybe she should of stayed in background and gave her daughter a chance to make it on her own merit [sic].’

Kym, 37, has now been forced to hit back at the cruel claims.

A source says: ‘She’s been in the industry for years and knows all the pitfalls of the showbiz world. There’s no way she’d allow Emily to follow in her footsteps if she thought it’d be harmful.

Kym‘s in the best position to help and guide Emily, so she doesn’t understand why she’s receiving negative comments.’

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