It proves all too much as she collapses in tears at a wedding


Last week, Corrie star Kym Marsh was meant to be enjoying a friend’s wedding in Majorca, but she spent the time crying into fiancé Jamie Lomas’s arms as the pain of losing their baby earlier this year became too much to bear.

The wedding took place around the same time as her son Archie would’ve been born.

Our source adds: ‘Kym just crumpled when she saw all the pregnant women there. It reminded her of losing Archie.’

Before this point, it seemed as if the 33-year-old had been doing well. She returned to work within three weeks of Archie’s death and recently had a boob op and liposuction. Kym said the surgery changed her life, adding: ‘It’s made me far more confident and that’s all I wanted.’

But has it all been too much, too soon, and have the past four months caught up with crestfallen Kym? She announced her pregnancy by ex-Hollyoaks actor Jamie, 29, last December, but a little over two months later, Archie died moments after his premature birth.

This happened after Kym had planned a six-month break from the soap, but Now can reveal that it was her mum who persuaded her to return to work to take her mind off things. This meant that scripts had to be changed to accommodate Kym, who plays barmaid Michelle Connor, and she started working a couple of days a week for nearly a month.

Our source says: ‘She’s very close to her mum, who’s helped bring up Kym’s two children [David, 13, and Emily, 11, from a previous relationship]. She thought it’d be best to come back to the Street and get back into a normal routine.’

Throughout this dark period, Kym’s shown tremendous courage.

Within weeks of Archie’s death, she made her first public appearance at the TV Now Awards in Dublin, putting on a brave face in public. But in private, Kym’s baby agony was still clear for her loved ones to see.

Thankfully, her rock has been Jamie, who finished playing Warren Fox in Hollyoaks last month. Initially, it was tough because Kym returned to Corrie virtually straight away and Jamie still had his own gruelling schedule, ‘working a million hours a week’, as he admitted.

But, since then, the pair have been lucky as their schedules haven’t clashed – when Jamie’s at work, Kym’s been off and vice versa.

Our source says: ‘Their relationship’s so strong, he’s been really good to her and when she’s working, he’ll call to make sure she’s OK.

He’s worried that she’ll crack up, but Kym’s working through her nightmare – although it’s far too early to say if it’s all behind her, as the wedding showed.’

Now the couple, along with her two kids, are going on a sunshine break for three weeks before Kym returns to the soap in late July. Our source adds: ‘After a nightmare first half of the year, Kym’s getting back on track and is looking and feeling much stronger.’

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