After splitting from fiancé Dan Hooper, Kym Marsh jets on holiday for her birthday

Break-ups are a toughie aren’t they? One minute you’re sat on your kitchen floor crying into a tub of Häagen-Dazs, the next minute, you’re cutting them out of all your photos while listening to Single Ladies. Just us? Ok.

But Kym Marsh’s approach to dealing with her break-up involves jetting away on holiday, and that sounds pretty good to us!

In her column for OK! Magazine, the 38-year-old said: ‘I needed to get away from the stress and recharge my batteries after breaking up with Dan. It’s a difficult time when you split from someone, it’s hard for everyone concerned and our families too.’

Aw Kymmy – if you need a shoulder to cry on, we’d be more than come out there and join you…

The Corrie star and ex-fiancé, Dan Hooper, revealed they were on a break earlier last month, before revealing in her column again, that issues in their relationship couldn’t be fixed, and their six-month engagement was off for good.

‘I was hoping things would sort themselves out but for one reason or another it doesn’t feel like we can fix things or get back on track so we’ve decided to go our separate ways.’

And Kym’s way is to Spain! Along with friends and family, they’re staying in a villa for a bit more privacy, as the actress understandably just wants to chill out. We hear you Kym.

‘People often recognise me when I’m on holiday and I don’t usually mind it, but sometimes I just want to chill out and have some rest.’

But it seems like they’re both moving on. The usually bearded Dan Hooper posted a selfie of him on Instagram looking clean-shaven and with a look of his teenage self about him, captioning it: ‘Beard all shaved off on shoot…18 year old Hoops is back.’

Kym hasn’t just headed to the sunny shores of Spain to get away from her break-up though, as the mum-of-four has just recently turned 39, she’s making the most of this year before she enters her forties.

‘It’s been a stressful few weeks but I’m taking care of myself and de-stressing as I celebrate the final year of my thirties.”

Tweeting a pic of her looking gorgeous in a classic LBD, she shared how much she was enjoying herself while she’s away.

‘Last night was just what was needed!! Thanks to my amazing family and friends. This was before it got messy.’

Erm, where are the photos AFTER things got messy?! We want to see them too!

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Amy Lo