Earthquake singer often embarrasses himself on stage


Labrinth has revealed that he once nipped to the loo during a performance.

The singer, whose real name is Timothy McKenzie, was forced to go for a quick wee halfway through a song as he feared that he might have an accident live on stage.

I had to take a toilet break mid-song as I didn’t want to wet myself on stage like Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas,’ Lab, 24, tells Celebs On Sunday.

Perhaps it was a wise move – Fergie has confessed that she’s still mortified by the time she publicly peed her pants during a 2005 gig in San Diego, California.

Lab still has his fair share of embarrassing stage incidents, though.

The Earthquake singer recently attempted a stage dive during a gig at the University Of Kent but audience members failed to catch him, causing several to fall over as Lab dropped to the floor.

Luckily he was able to laugh it off, Tweeting: Did anyone se my fantastic stage dive lol. Seems I’ve put on a few pounds lately… Haha’ 

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