EastEnders star roughed it in Thailand


Lacey Turner admits staying fresh wasn’t a priority when she went travelling over the summer. 

The EastEnders actress headed to Thailand during a three-week break from filming.

‘I felt completely free,’ she says. ‘We stayed in cheap dives with no hot water and I wore the same knickers for three days running.

‘I ate egg-fried rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, my hair was frizzy, my clothes stank and I looked like a minger, but I had the best time of my life.’

Lacey, 21, wants to repeat the experience annually.

‘I thought about not coming home,’ she tells Fabulous magazine. ‘But I know how lucky I am to have EastEnders.

‘Instead I’ve promised myself I’ll rough it in a different country every year.’

Lorraine Crowther