Lady Gaga's drug admission sparks fears for her health


We’ve become used to Lady Gaga‘s extreme behaviour.

But in the past few weeks, the star’s made some terrifying confessions – showing that her famous quirky lifestyle’ is far more dangerous than many of us would imagine.

Indeed, Gaga, 27, has already admitted that she developed a 15-joint-a-day cannabis addiction after breaking her hip back in February – and now she says she was also using booze, LSD, ecstasy and cocaine.

Speaking on Howard Stern‘s US radio show last week, she said: I’ve had drug and drinking problems ever since coming into this business.

I’m trying to act like nothing’s wrong and filling the void with alcohol and cocaine and marijuana and ecstasy and LSD – you name it, I’ve tried it… I’m not angry, I’m in pain.’

Gaga recognises her need to change – so she doesn’t end up in the Forever 27 club like Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain.

She says: Can I be brilliant without it [drugs]? I have to be because I want to live.’ 

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