Lady Gaga reveals the bumpy past that led to her present-day fame


Lady Gaga has sang in the past about having a poker face, but it turns out there might be a tragic truth behind her lyrics.

Speaking to Australian site, Gaga recalled her feelings of ‘not fitting in’ as a child: ‘I did feel very isolated as a young person, and not because I was alone or abandoned by my family, it’s just a chemical thing. Some kids are born like that. It’s like depression.’

Known for her ever-changing stage personas, Gaga said she at least manages to channel these negative memories to help her play her role of The Countess in the fifth series of American Horror Story, in a practice known as ‘method acting’. She explained: ‘You embrace calling upon memory sensory from your life. It’s powerful and it takes you back implicitly to a place that you remember as a child.’

She also told the publication about the financial difficulties her family experienced when she was younger: ‘My parents lost their jobs after September 11 and we had to start over.’ We bet her parents are incredibly proud of her now!

Gaga’s financial success is not the only happy ending to her story. She has also gained a close friendship with American Horror Story creator, Ryan Murphy, who she described as more than a soulmate. ‘He gave me a sense of self beyond what I believed I was,’ she gushes. Aww!

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