Singer speaks out about school days with heiress and her sister


Lady Gaga went to school with Paris Hilton but says they never had much in common.

The Poker Face singer – real name Stefani Germanotta – attended the Convent Of The Sacred Heart School in New York along with heiress Paris, 29, and her sister Nicky Hilton, 26.

‘I was the smart, studious theatre and music student,’ says Gaga, 24. ‘I didn’t hang out with all the popular blonde girls. I wasn’t blonde until I was 20 years old.’

The eccentric star doesn’t believe Paris has any real talent.

‘I don’t see Paris as an artist,’ she tells Q magazine. ‘People assume that all the girls who went to my school were like Nicky and Paris and the truth is that I went to a very, very religious school.

‘Some girls were very
artistic, some did drugs and didn’t give a f****. It was like any other
high school. Except we had nuns.’ 

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Reena Sewraz