Sherlock star didn't have much teenage experience with girls

Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he was very awkward around women when he was younger.

The Sherlock star might be a heartthrob these days but he admits he was a late bloomer and struggled to talk to girls during his school days.

‘I was a very late developer,’ says Benedict, 36.

‘Very late. 15, 16 – maybe even 17. I was a kid until I was 18, really.

‘But the one grace of an all-boys boarding school is that you could lie about what you’d done on your holidays. Not like a mixed school, where you had to parade your girlfriend around the playground.

‘I was a bit Hugh Grant around women. “Good gosh, er, do you mind if I, erm, touch, ah, it? Gosh, I feel funny now.”‘

Benedict blames his single-sex schooling for his lack of confidence around the ladies.

‘I don’t hold it against my parents at all, but that’s why I would never send my kids to a single-sex school,’ the actor tells The Times Magazine.

‘I would have killed for experience. F*** the grades. I was all, “I understand what girls are now – where are they?”‘

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