Laura Whitmore has bravely spoken out about suffering a miscarriage at twelve weeks following unplanned pregnancy with boyfriend Iain Sterling.

The TV presenter – who has been dating Love Island voiceover guy, Iain, for two years – admitted she didn’t know how to feel when doctors failed to detect a heartbeat during her twelve-week scan last year.

Writing about her experience in Hot Press, Laura said, “In the room I could see the outline of what looked like a jelly baby – just like in the movies. Then silence.”

The doctor said, “I’m sorry there’s no heart-beat.”

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Having realised she had fallen pregnant after her boobs felt bigger following a trip to Italy, Laura had mixed feelings about motherhood in general amid fears she would lose her identity or “be good enough as a mother”.

These thoughts, she revealed, left the model with even more mixed feelings when she found out she’d miscarried.

She said, “I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to react. Should I cry? Was I allowed be emotional for something unplanned?”


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With 1in 3 women experiencing miscarriages, Laura said the worst part was going through it alone.

“That feeling was heightened because I felt I had to be sad alone: apart from a handful of people, no one knew. I had to deal with high intensity work situations without anyone around me knowing what was really going on inside my head.”

Having been dating for two years, Laura and Iain are every bit the smitten couple. So it’s no surprise talk often turns to when the pair will get engaged.


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While he’s known for having a comedic quip in any given situation, Iain did his best to swerve questions about popping the question over summer.

He simply said, “What is it with this show? I want to talk about Love Island” when probed by Richard Arnold.

With Iain returning to voiceover the winter version of Love Island in 2020, the pair are set to be spending some more time apart in January.

Don’t miss each other too much!