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Now columnist Lauren Goodger tells us she’s proud of former TOWIE co-star Gemma Collins as she lets us in to her world this week…

Wow! Gemma has lost two stone from doing Dancing on Ice and she looks amazing! I felt so bad that she had a fall, but she took it like a true pro, got straight back up and smiled even though she wanted to cry. There have been rumours and negative press but, listen, I know Gemma and she’s a good girl. Of course it all gets hyped up a bit to create attention for the show – she’s like a pantomime villain! But I think the public love watching her. She’s done amazing and I’m proud of her.

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Go, Vogue!

Vogue Williams has spoken out about breastfeeding in public and how mortified she was the first time. I can totally imagine it must be at first, but a mother feeding
a baby is a beautiful thing! 
I think there are ways to be semi discreet about it, and you don’t need to sit there half naked with your boobs on the table… But, like she showed in her lovely pic, you can’t see anything anyway. 
I don’t understand why people get so disgusted by it – it’s nature! Also, I love Vogue and Spencer’s show, he cracks me up 
and they seem like
a great couple.


I had an amazing holiday in Dubai with my friends Lauryn, Chloe and Amelia Goodman. We stayed in the FIVE Palm Jumeirah hotel, which is one 
of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in. My fave places for dinner were Maiden Shanghai and Quattro Passi, where we met the head chef, Giuseppe Pezzella. The food was beyond incredible. We partied a lot and had so much fun. The nightlife in Dubai is next level and I loved The Penthouse – it was a brilliant vibe with an amazing view. 
We booked the FIVE Yacht experience and desert safari through the hotel and we had the best time. Dune bashing was incredible – my fave day. 
I just can’t wait to go back. Dubai is one of my favourite places – the flight isn’t too long, it’s ultra-glam and hot. It really has the best of everything.

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Some just shine brighter 💫 @fivepalmjumeirah #fivestarexperience #desert #dubai 🌵 🐪

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So the only Love Island couples still together are Jack and Dani and Adam and Zara! Blimey. I said all along that Adam and Zara seemed the real deal. When everyone was man bashing him during the show I went on This Morning and Phillip and Holly, along with another person from an abuse charity. They went in on me, saying that Adam was mentally abusing a girl on the show. But I was trying to explain how TV shows such as love island work: it’s a game and they’re all in it to win it! I could see he just wanted find the right woman, I had his back and now look my point has been proven. He seems to be the most settled of all of them! Good for them. As for Wes and Meg, they were one of my fave couples but he did always seem too young for her. This year’s show will still be addictive viewing and the nation will be obsessed again but it doesn’t feel as genuine as the earlier series when the couples would actually go some of the distance. I guess it’s the same with a lot of the reality shows now: people see the success others have had off the back of it and want a piece of it and it all becomes less real. Then they break up and start showing up on celeb dating shows. It’s all very predictable.

And before you know it Lauren, another one bites the dust between Adam and Zara…