With plans to be a young mum, Lauren Goodger hopes to start a family with Jake McLean in the near future

Lauren Goodger only revealed that she’d reunited with Jake McLean a matter of weeks ago but things have moved pretty fast.

First Lauren confessed that she’d had her man’s name tattooed on her wrist and now she’s admitted that she hopes to have a BABY with Jake in the not-too-distant future. Blimey, these two don’t hang about!

The 28-year-old former TOWIE star says: ‘I’d love for us to get married one day but I think we’ll have children first.

‘I’d love to have our kids there on our wedding day.’

Jake is totally in agreement, admitting: ‘[I’d like that to be] sooner rather than later!’

Lauren – whose rekindled romance with Jake was made public during their holiday to Dubai earlier this month – plans to have kids once she’s conquered her remaining career goals.

‘I still have a few things I want to achieve in my career but I want to be a young mum so we don’t want to wait too long,’ the Essex girl tells OK!

‘I can’t wait to be the mum of Jake’s children.’

Jake and Lauren split in 2013 after dating for a year but during her stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2014 Lauren admitted she was still in love with him.

Now they’re back together and things are obviously very serious between them.

‘We speak about [marriage and kids] a lot,’ says Jake.

‘For me, getting married and having kids is what life is all about. I can’t wait to start a family together.’

The couple have even thought about what sort of parents they’ll be to their future sprogs, with Jake saying Lauren will be a ‘wicked’ mum.

‘I can’t wait,’ Lauren – whose only other relationship has been with childhood sweetheart Mark Wright – has revealed.

‘Jake will be a great dad too, he loves kids. We come from very similar backgrounds, we both moved out of home when we were quite young and neither of us is particularly close to our parents so we’re determined for things to be different for our children.’

Lauren and her fella have obviously given a lot of thought to this but the reality star didn’t think so long and hard about that inking dedicated to Jake, having admitted to getting it done ‘on a whim’.

Jake doesn’t think they need tattoos to prove their devotion to each other though.

‘We’re going to be together forever so she didn’t have to get my name tattooed to show me how much I mean to her, but it was a nice thing,’ he explains.

‘I was very flattered. At least everyone knows she’s mine now!’

Gosh, after hearing all of that we wouldn’t bet against a Goodger-McLean baby coming VERY soon.

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