Lauren's definitely feeling broody...

At the dawn of a New Year, it’s expected many people will put some hopeful plans for the coming months into place – what better time than a new year to make a fresh start?

Lauren Goodger’s been one to express her hopes for 2017 very publicly, with one notable plan being starting a family – potentially with her currently jailed friend, Joey Morrison! And it looks as if the TOWIE star is serious, as she’s opened up about it even more – and they’ve even had THAT ‘kids’ discussion… cute!

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Last week, she confessed that she wanted a baby in 2017 – meaning she’d have to get a real move on in the next couple of months! And though they’re not officially an item, Lauren has been open with the fact that she’s close with inmate Joey, who’s currently serving time for offences including robbery and drug dealing.

‘I was asked if Joey knows I’m broody, and yeah, we’ve spoken about babies and stuff, but not about us having one.’

However, it’s clear that she has confidence in his fathering skills… sometime in the future. She continued in her column for new! magazine:

‘He’s a beautiful person and I know he’d make a great dad one day.’

Someone sounds smitten!

Lauren, 30, was also keen to clear up some previous whispers that she’d be spending the big festive day in prison with her new beau – instead, she’ll be at home as the jail doesn’t allow visits on Christmas Day.

But seeing as it looks like he’ll be coming to the end of his sentence soon, hopefully they’ll get to exploring their relationship more. Who knows – in a year’s time, they could be parents!

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