Do lip-fillers really hurt THAT much? Lauren's not sure...

Though she got them removed for good just a couple of months ago, Lauren Goodger’s years of dedication to lip fillers puts her in excellent stead to talk about what they’re really like.

And days following fellow reality star Chantelle Houghton’s opening up about her experiences, Lauren’s voiced her feelings on Chantelle’s words – and according to her, someone’s being a tad ‘over-dramatic’ about how much they actually hurt…

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Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Chantelle spoke to Now at the beginning of August, regarding her somewhat extreme fondness for plumping up her lips. Although she thinks they may ‘look insane’ and that trolls call her ‘Donald Duck’, she won’t stop getting them done because they make her happy.

But also, Chantelle revealed elsewhere the extreme pain she feels each time she has them done, saying she feels like she’ll be sick every time. Yikes!

Then and now...

Then and now…

In her column for new! magazine, former filler connoisseur and soon-to-be TOWIE returnee Lauren took the opportunity to air her truthful opinion on Chantelle’s lip-filler experience – and she’s a little unconvinced.

‘Chantelle Houghton seems like a nice girl, but I thought she was being a bit over-dramatic about how much lip fillers hurt,’ Lauren writes. ‘She said the pain’s so bad she was “in tears” and she felt sick.’

‘Everyone is different I guess, and I have a high pain threshold, but it really doesn’t hurt that much. And she’s had a baby for God’s sake! Surely that has to be the ultimate in pain?!’

Solid question from Lauren, there! She concludes by asking why she’d continue to do something that clearly causes her so much distress: ‘If she finds it so unbearable, why does she keep getting them done? I don’t think I could put myself through something if it hurt that much!’

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